Aion Remember Gameplay

Recently NCSOFT has released a trailer for Aion called “Remember”, the trailer covers a few clips of Aion game play and a over voice of a lady saying “

Some gamers are saying the game might be ending, others saying the game might get new content or an expansion and of coarse the most common speculation is the Aion may be going free to play. As of this moment there is no official information released on this trailer but Ercgaming has contacted NCSOFT about this Aion trailer and they couldn’t tell us any real information at this time.
On a side not a GM on the Aion support team has left us with the knowledge that there will be more information on this trailer at some point in time, also saying that there personal opinion on this trailer is that “The video is foreshadowing things to come” and told us to keep and eye on the official website for Aion and NCSOFT for any official information, Ill leave the website links below.
On a side note i have watched the trailer a few times and noticed two things, please correct me if i am wrong cause i just cant remember seeing these things. One if you watch the trailer about 16-19 seconds there are two swords being held by a girl character and i have not myself seen the look of the two swords, So does that mean new content? or just weapons i haven’t seen myself. The second thing is about 30 seconds in the video there is a dragon, at first i thought it was storm wing but after comparing pictures i don’t think it is, storm wing doesn’t have three heads like in the trailer. The trailer shows a dragon head normal and then two armoured dragon heads almost like a three headed dragon, Once again its only a guess and nothing official.

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