Benefits of Electricity – Have We Forgotten About it?

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I think we’ve all took electricity for granted and forgot how much it really helps us.

If we had to live without elevtricity for a week we would barely survive.

In this post I want to be talking about some benefits of electricity that many of us take for granted.

1. WiFi


WiFi requires electricity and if we didn’t have WiFi our world would fall apart.

We wouldn’t know what to do.

WiFi allows us to have the entire world at our fingertips.

It really is magical.

Do you want to learn about any subject that comes to mind?

Go ahead and and go on the internet and you can become a master at the subject.

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2. Light

new york

What would we do without light?

I mean…

…how did people deal with lighting candles?

It seems ludicrous when thinking about it.

In this day and age we can shine a light on anything instantly.

No need to light a fire or ignite a candle stick.

It truly is amazing how light bulbs have made a big difference in our lives.

Light makes entire cities look absolutely out of this world.

3. Smart phones

Our smart phones have become an extension of our bodies and ourselves.

We rely on it for everything.

If we’re in the dentist waiting, we go ahead and bust out our phones, and start playing Doodle Jump.

If we need to remind ourselves of something, we can just go ahead and speak to our phones to put in a reminder.

Are you looking for a place to eat?

Just go ahead and type it in your phone.

This little box that fits in our back-pocket has changed the life of humanity forever.


I think we’ve truly forgotten about how much we rely on electricity.

I don’t think it’s bad…

I just believe it’s good to be aware.

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