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One of the most powerful home corner storage ideas to improve organization is labeling. It is a common mistake to overlook the simple storage idea of big, colorful labels. Labels allow everyone to know where to find festival decorations and general supplies.

Home Storage Ideas Labeling Summary

  • Always label, preferably with a permanent marker
  • Print big for legibility
  • Color code to group similar items
  • Use festival stickers to flag containers with festival contents
  • Number container labels to have containers returned to expected places
  • Freshen string labels with self-adhesive mailing address labels

For all containers use large labels. Labels that stay in place. Sometimes it is better to include numbers on the labels. Included numbering makes home organization even easier because numbers let anyone return containers to where they were originally stored.


You as a single person, or you as dad or mom are the only ones to store and retrieve items from where they are kept. No labels may actually be applied to any containers –in the interest of saving time. It’s only you, after all, or the kids are still small.

With time, you get a roommate, or the kids grow up, but still you do the task of storing and retrieving the same containers from years earlier. Now, it is your job because you are the only one who knows which box contains what. As soon as possible, update all storage containers to include labels.

Everybody should help out with home storage and organization. If you have a maintenance style of thinking you need to practice delegating. Stow and retrieve festival items of Halloween and Christmas with your child so that they can learn where the containers are stored.

Labeled containers make it easy for everyone to find need containers. If there are many containers, adding number to labels gets containers back to where they will be expected to be found. Adding festival stickers or drawings to labels help everyone and especially kids easily group similar containers.

The second most common mistake when it comes to labeling containers, is that labels are made and initially applied. But, with time, the adhesive from the label weakens or dries and labels drop off leaving the containers unlabeled.

Permanent marker used to write directly onto a plastic container is the best way to identify content. If contents should change and the label needs to be removed from a plastic tub, rubbing alcohol on a cloth or paper towel will dissolve the ink and remove markings.

Not all plastics will accept a permanent marker however. For those plastics a dangling or string label like the kind used to identify travel baggage is a good solution.

A quick storage idea to fashion a dangling label is to use small plastic pockets with a paper insert. If necessary use a hole punch to place a hole into the plastic pocket. Small heavy duty ziplock bags available at Dollar Stores can work well as plastic pockets.

Use a corkscrew to turn a hole into the lip of a container, or use a drill to produce the hole. Alternatively, make two holes into the sidewall of the container so that the label can be tied securely.

Then, use the string or use a very thin small zip-tie to fasten the plastic pocket to the container. String works but a zip-tie is often easier to manipulate through small holes.

If uncertain at all about how the container will be oriented on the shelf, put one label at the narrow end and another label at the wide end of the container. This double labeling will take the frustration out of orienting the container on a shelf.

Good labeling is very important. The advantage of using a dangling label is that the actual label may be changed easily as the container’s contents are amended. A large self-adhesive address mailing label can be applied to freshen a string label for writing.

When a container holds many items, its label can itemize the container’s contents.

If a stringed label is used, position the label to show when its container is finally stored. The label needs to be oriented to be readable.

Color coding, numbering and itemizing labels are some of the best home storage ideas for organizing so that everyone can contribute to finding and returning shared items.

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