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Soho Phone Systems – Small Office Home Office Phone Systems

The best Soho phone systems can enable a small business or home office to handle all communication needs with ease and efficiency. They are also easy to set up and can flexibly expand as the need arises.

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A good SoHo phone system can also give the business a serious corporate image that will impress customers and partners, as well as increase productivity through everyone communicating better with each other. A sound and efficient communications system in place can mean better clarification of all details in business operations and get everyone on the same page quickly. The time saved because of effective communications can be used to focus on running and growing the business. If a customer needs help, a good Soho phone system will easily route the call to the right person at the right time, and issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Soho Phone System Features

SoHo phone systems can come with lots of customizations and include features that are most relevant to the needs of the small business office or home office. When setting up a system, it’s important to consider the type of features that you would need. You don’t need to waste funds on features that are not needed, nor do you want to waste time installing features that only complicate the system.

Here are some examples of the top features to consider:

  • Number of extensions
  • Caller ID with name
  • Call waiting
  • Call waiting with caller ID
  • Voicemail boxes and how many
  • Music/ announcements on hold
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Call blocking
  • Call routing and queueing – For example, a call to the Sales department can be routed to the first available representative, or queued to be transferred when someone is ready to take the call. This requires a virtual hosted PBX phone system.
  • Answering rules
  • Conference call set-up
  • Conference speakerphones
  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Mode switching – different messages that caller hear at different times of the day

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These are features that will be made accessible through a combination of the phone line, internal switching network (eg PBX) and/or telephones and handsets in the system. Other items to factor in include the need, or better yet, lack of long term contracts, cancellation fees, upgrade charges and start-up fees. For small businesses, a virtual hosted PBX phone system can be inexpensive and provide lots of productivity enhancing features like call routing and queuing.

There are various ways to establish a small office or home office phone system. The final choice of what features to include depends on the value assigned to the features, the type of communications needed, as well as the budget available.

To illustrate, all that is needed could be a really basic telephone system for a small office. A 2 line phone system can involve having two lines, one for home use, and one for business, all connected to the same 2-line phone. The lights on the phone will show is someone is calling to the home line or the business line.

A Soho IP phone system or Soho VoIP phone system can be just as easy to get going. Instead of subscribing to the phone lines through the phone company, subscribe them through a voice over IP or VoIP phone company. If you need the customers to hear a menu of options and get extension numbers for staff, then you will need a Virtual hosted PBX phone system that will work with VoIP lines. Companies like Ring central or Grasshopper offer virtual hosted PBX systems at very reasonable prices.

A digital answering system attached to the phone could have multiple mailboxes set up for callers that called through the different phone lines. Phone lines with call forwarding features can forward calls to cell phones, and the cell phone can become the mobile extension of a small office or home office phone system. Depending on the nature of the business, this is an inexpensive SoHo phone system that could well accommodate businesses doing several hundred thousand dollars to a million and more in sales a year.

Vtech 2 line cordless phone system – expandable

The VTech 6.0 2 line expandable cordless phone system is a stylish phone that accommodated up to 12 handsets. This is works great as a flexible home phone system or SoHo phone system. It accommodates up to 2 lines and you can put expandable handsets in different areas around the home. The voice quality is excellent according to many Soho phone users as well – holding up the reputation of the Vtech brand. This Vtech 2 line expandable cordless phone system includes a digital voicemail system, handsfree speakerphone talking as well as intercom calling among handsets. Overall, a quality 2 line cordless phone system.

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