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Looking for a comfortable gaming chair is always wanted by any gamer. Comfort affects how you play and the slightest discomfort can cause you the game. Chairs for gaming vary but for most games, where you sit doesn’t really affect your experience but when it comes to racing games, you might want to look for the a racing simulator gaming chair. If you are looking for some of the best racing simulator gaming chairs, OpenWheeler offers some of the best gaming chairs for racing today.

A gaming seat for racing must have certain features other gaming seats doesn’t have namely being able to accommodate racing steering wheels and shifters. The OpenWheeler racing gaming chair is specially made for racing games or driving simulator games. The OpenWheeler racing seat promises to give you a near racing experience, making you feel the thrill of driving in the race track as close as possible. With the proper combination of their racing seat, steering wheel and shifter, you could have the best racing gaming chair setup today! More info https://www.racergamingchairs.com/collections/dxracer-king-series


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Playseat gaming seat, the best place to put your steering wheel! One of the best gaming chairs out there today has got to be those from Playseat. Playseat offers some of the best gaming chairs for racing games today. Playseat’s line up is mostly gaming seats for racing which are some of the cool looking racing gaming chairs you can find on the market today. They have the F1 racing simulator gaming chairs and some special edition gaming seats inspired by popular games and race drivers.

About Playseat

Playseat is founded by Dr. Fernando Smit who is a huge motorsport fan. He is also the current president of the company. Smit also happens to be a professional race driver with drive karts and was the Dutch Enduro Champion for the 125cc class back in 1997 and 1998. Inspired by his passion for racing, he created the first Playseat racing gaming chair by mounting an old Sparco seat on a steel frame with steering wheels and pedal thus to complete a real racing feel and setup. The idea bloomed and began producing the racing gaming chair frame for friends and the business grew from there.

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